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Leading retail destinations are providing more and more space for their leisure and F&B offering. Becoming a social-hub is the most effective way of generating sustainable footfall to remain competitive in this digital-era.

A permanent or temporary ice-rink is the ideal way to improve the leisure offering and attract an additional 15,000 to over 100,000 visits per month.

We offer a complete solution including planning, operation, ticketing and marketing. Our ice-rinks are unique and appeal to a wide demographic providing a unique and exciting attraction.

15,000 - 100,000+ Visitors
Media Coverage
Revenue Generation


The importance of providing a magical experience to every single customer is crucial, and we're proud of our high review ratings across every platform.

Feedback is continuously evaluated to improve our offering, and all our staff are trained to deliver a level of service that exceeds expectations.


“To create market-leading ice-based leisure experiences and encourage participation and advancement in ice-sports for all genders, races, ages, and disabilities.”


Considering a new attraction for your destination? We can cater for a wide variety of spaces, but there are some minimum requirements in order to make a project work.

These are very approximate guidelines - for a full evaluation please get in touch.


Three phase electricity is required for cooling (2 x 63A / 125A+), and the glycol pump (32A+). A further 32A 3PH supply can be utilised for lighting, heat and other small electronics if required.

Generators are generally not recommended except in rare circumstances. The installation of a new power supply is likely the cheaper, and more environmentally friendly, option.


Our indoor and outdoor projects can be delivered across multiple floors, car parks, empty units, and even on undeveloped land.

Each location must have space for an ice-pad or ice-track (200sqm+), skate-hire (100sqm+) and plant area (40sqm+). Additional sanitary, F&B and other attractions may also be considered.

A flat solid open-space is ideal, but an uneven surface can have temporary flooring placed on top and some obstacles can be built around.

Nearby access to the space is required by Class 1 or 2 Vehicles.


Ice-Rinks require an initial fill, and regular top-ups to resurface the ice. For the quickest build time a fire hydrant is more than sufficient, but a smaller garden hose outlet has been used when other options were unavailable.

A drainage plan is made, particularly for indoor locations, to ensure that any ice-melt is captured and diverted to a suitable location.

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