Ice Leisure Group

Ice Leisure Group develops our innovative products and services in our workshop and office in Bristol. As a business we measure our success by the success of our clients and the development of the ice rink industry as a whole.

Permanent Ice Rinks

We provide services including planning, design and facility management along with after sales support and equipment supply.

Temporary Ice Rinks

Our turn key solution is the most complete offering available in the UK, and we also offer hire of our own unique rink systems.

Your Business

Rest assured, your success is our priority. We offer products and services that are market-leading for you and your customers.

Blog Posts

Refrigerant Choice

Written by Robert Cook | 01.02.2016

R134a is being celebrated as a leading refrigerant, but is history repeating itself and should the industry have learned more from the costly phase out of R22?

Financial Report

Written by Robert Cook | 24.12.2015

A number of high profile insolvencies have impacted the ice rink industry, but with intervention the outlook can be improved.

Attracting Footfall

Written by Robert Cook | 16.12.2015

Footfall is key to many retail outlets. Ice Leisure Group can help drive footfall with our Retailtainment packages, and monitor the results with our own software and marketing systems.

Customer Satisfaction

Written by Robert Cook | 06.12.2015

Many skating rinks are poorly rated on sites like Trip Adviser, but a high customer satisfaction level is key to growing the industry. Why are so many customers left disappointed and how can the situation improve?

Ice Innovation

Written by Robert Cook | 07.10.2015

Technology can be used to reduce overheads and increase the profitability of leisure businesses. Ice Leisure Group plans to introduce the much needed innovation for both temporary and permanent ice rinks.


Written by Robert Cook | 02.10.2015

Some of the world's best entertainment destinations built in the last century were anchored by ice facilities. How can we now follow examples set by modern gyms and cinemas to relaunch and kick start growth?