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About Ice Leisure Group

About us

Ice Leisure Group was established by a team of industry experts to revolutionise the ice-rink industry. We work with non-profit, governmental, and private organisations to deliver higher returns, better facilities, and unrivaled service.


The company's board has over 50 years experience in leisure management, marketing and technology. Our team is comprised of experts from inside and outside the ice-rink industry to offer a balance of proven techniques and new ideas.

Our mission is to provide facilities that can be used by athletes and teams at the highest level, whilst also offering friendly environments for recreational activities and homes for young future Olympians of all ages, cultures, abilities and disabilities.


Innovation is at the core of our business. We use bespoke IT systems, business efficiency optimisations, and new marketing approaches to enable the provision of a high quality service to our customers, and ensure the continuing development of ice-rinks.

We always aim to achieve high levels of efficiency, whether through decreasing energy consumption or reducing overheads, and invest heavily in research and development for the systems that are provided to our clients and used by us.


We provide a wide range of services for the design, construction and operation of permanent and temporary ice-rinks. We are the only Company in the UK authorised to supply our range of chilling equipment, rink management and ticketing software; and take great pride in offering our unique products.

The leisure industry in the UK has evolved but many rinks have fallen behind and are no longer competitive. Talk to us for more information about how we can assist with your new or existing ice facility.